Dog Walking

We are a professional dog walking business operated by people of integrity and professionalism.  We are licensed, insured, bonded, and trusted providing walks in Northern VA.

We’re 100% committed to our clients and their dogs.  We perform a criminal background check on all of our dog walkers.  We only hire qualified good people to service our clients.

Once you experience our professional dog walking services, you’ll never worry about coming home to “accidental surprises.”  Thank you for trusting us with your dogs!

Recurring Monthly Mid-Day Dog Walking Rates:

Standard Recurring Walks (20-30 minute walks)

1 Dog:

  • 5 Walks  $17.00
  • 4 Walks  $17.50
  • 3 Walks  $18.00
  • 2 Walks  $18.50
  • 1 Walk    $19.00

 2 Dogs: Additional $3

Mini Recurring Walks (10-15 minute walks)

1 Dog:

  • 5 Walks  $15.00
  • 4 Walks  $15.50
  • 3 Walks  $16.00
  • 2 Walks  $16.50
  • 1 Walk    $17.00

2 Dogs: Additional $2

Rates are per WALK per WEEK

Standard & Mini Recurring Walks will receive a 2-week vacation allowance that can be applied towards canceled walks.  You may cancel a mid-day dog walk and use a vacation day so you are not charged for the walk. Vacation time will renew each year from the first scheduled walk. Your first scheduled mid-day dog walk will be your anniversary date. Once your vacation time is used up within the year, any canceled walks will be charged at your recurring walk rate.

Do you want the flexibility of canceling as many walks as needed during the year?

For clients that still want recurring mid-day dog walks but a 2-week vacation allowance is not enough, we have the perfect plan for you!  It’s our Flexi Walk Plan.  No cancelation penalty!  You only pay for the walks you schedule.

Flexi Recurring Walks (20-30 minute walks)

1 Dog: $20

2 Dogs: Additional $3

For more information or if you would like to make a reservation with your new Professional Dog Walker please give us a call at (703) 232-1540 or send us an EMAIL.